Why The Linear Makati is the new Rental Hub?- SOLD OUT!!!

I started working at Filinvest Land, Inc. since 2013, its almost 4 years in counting. Linear is my Team’s only focus project.


During that  time, we still have  enough units to sell, the good old days! haha.  During that time people are kind of hesitant to buy  because the project is not yet completed.

The Linear Makati is a project of Filinvest Land, Inc. located at  the heart of Makati.

  • 3 kilometers away from Cash and Carry
  • 8 kilometers away from Ayala Avenue / RCBC Towers
  • 0 kilometers away from Manila Peninsula
  • 3 kilometers away from EDSA / Magallanes MRT Station
  • 4 kilometers away from Greenbelt / Glorietta / Landmark / SM
  • 2 kilometers away from Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3
  • 0 kilometers away from Mall of Asia

2014- TEchzone building started to construct, its said to be the new HUB ofr BPO and online gaming companies. According the our sources, those companies have expanded from RCBC and PBCom and others came from Burgendy and newly opened companies.

As Techzone started to operate last year 2016, a lot of tenants and  employees started to look for a place to  be rented. Since then the demand for rental in  Linear started to increase. Companies in Techzone also looking for around 100 tp 200 units for their expat employees. That demand have resulted  to  the increase of average  rental rate. And up to this day, its  now  doubled.

Last  year 2016, the rental rate in Linear for studio ranges from 13k(bare)  to 18k (fully furnished). But now it rose up to 18k(bare) and 28k (fully furnished). For 1 bedroom, its 18k (bare) to 25k (fully furnished) last year. Today   it rose up to 22k (bare) to 33k) fully furnished.  Since Linear units for sale are  only limited, it  did not  able to supply enough units for rent  to cover  the  demand. So, what happened?  The some companies decided to buy a the few units left for sale. So, the result? SOLD OUT!

How do i know this? How can i be sure? Because aside from being a Senior Sales Manager of Filinvest and selling Linear for almost 4 years now, i was able to acquire  2 units here in God’s Grace. Fist one is the studio which i am now renting out for 28k per month  and second one is 1 bedroom where in we used to reside now.

Also my brother Rex is renting out our clients units. We are making sure  that  our clients are earning from their investments so we use to give them updates regarding the rental rate increase so they can do the mark up. If  you are a unit owner  who wants your unit to be rented out at the highest possible rate, you may call Rex at 09157146998.

For those who wants to try their luck in buying Linear, you may still  have  a chance once there is a re-opened unit for sale. Mag-abang po tayo.

Since Linear is already sold out, we are now selling our new project the  100 West Makati 

100 West Makati

This project is selling like hotcake and now the new  pick for Rental Business. 100 West Makati is just  across Techzone building  and I believe  that it will be sold out in the next 1 year or 2. Some BPO companies already bought atleast 1 floor in 100 West, and some are buying bulk while the price is still low. Because the projection for  the capital appreciation after 3 years will be  doubled, just like Linear. And now this is the perfect time to buy,  for only 25k per month you will have  your 1bedroom unit with  balcony and for 44k per month you will have your 2  bedroom unit also with balcony.

For more information feel free to reach us  at 0975-1432-888


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