5 Reasons why Real Estate Career is Awesome!

Hey there! Have you ever thought of how much sales people are earning per month?  Gosh! Its huge amount of money! Sales career is awesome and here’s why…



Yes, did you know that most the sales people started as a quiet, shy and not talkative? But as the years go by they are able to harness their clamorous noisy personality. Me personally, when i started being a sales agent in Real Estate, talking to people makes me shiver most of the time. I was never a talkative person and i never imagined that i will become one. But as the years goes by, i noticed my myself changing contineously as i never expected. Sales made me a happy person. In sales you always have to smile in front of clients, always! So if you want to become a happy and people person overtime, you now know what career to choose.



Yeah! Sales people are very creative. Since we have to think of ways, strategies on how we are gonna make a sale, how to gather leads, how to present, how to communicate properly, how to dress properly and most of all how to close a sale.

Most of the Sales people specially in real estate has a lot of competitors that are selling almost the same projects, that is why they have to be more creative in finding project advatages over the others. We have to be creative in everything we do and say and that is why I find it so cool! Learning is fun guys, as well as innovation! Since we do this everyday, its becomes part of our lives and we keep on improving, creating, innoving more and more!

better person


I was kind of related to this, cause prior to my sales journey i was quiet, negative, pathetic, pessimistic person. My 4 years experience in sales changed me a lot! The way I perceive things is kind of different from who i am today. In sales you will face  a lot of discouragements, rejections, failures, sarcasm and almost kind of negative emotions. But, these negative behaviors will make you a better version of yourself once you were able to over come it and divert your mind into a new paradigm. Its like trial and error, trial and error, and trial and error and failure and finally success. Yes its true, there is no success without failures.

In sales you always have a qouta, yes, a qouta! Since we have a qouta, then we must have a GOAL! a goal to reach every day, every month, and even years. Sales will help you build  your goals and strategized ways to achieve it. And while reaching your goals you will improve and improve and improve until you become better and better and better!

earn a lot


I’m gonna give you a big YES to that!

I knew a lot of sales people who started having nothing, no money, no house, no car, even no food to eat on their tables, and now they are enjoying a good life.  Did you know that for only one unit  close deal we are earning as  much as 50,000 to 350,000 pesos? Yes you’ve read it right! in just one  deal.  I remembered when i started my career in real estate, i was not sure if those income are really true, i even doubt myself having a sale knowing that i am not good enough, i dont know anything about real estate and the fact that the price of the condo that  i am selling is 2Million pesos! I mean who would by such an expensive thing? haha! I tell you– all the doubts that i had? lost after i got my first sale! It was my first 3 months that i was able to earned as much as 500,000 pesos! Wow! And that when all the doubt was gone! almost fairty tale right? but ofcourse you have to work hard for every penny that goes on to your pocket! Because in sales, the commission you will receive is equivalent to the amount of efforts you did overtime. More money needs more efforts! more efforts more sales! more sales, more commissions, more learnings, more earnings! That’s it!

close deal


Ofcourse, this is the most rewarding part of all. Eveytime we sold a property we are helping a family have a home. I dont know about the other agents, but for me i find it the most important part of what i’m doing. Every time i see my clients happy on their investments, its like WIN-WIN to me. We’ll i got a sale, i reached my qouta, i got a commission, and they got there new home, they are earning from their investment and they are happy. That’s super win-win for me. Most of my clients are my friends, sometimes not just friends but sometimes soulmates! haha, i will tell more of that on my next blogs!

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I found this video interesting, this is a group project but we made it fun! hope you enjoy it. “I OWN, MY DREAM”

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